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Business Analysis

Business analysts work closely with the product owner to ensure that project delivery adds value to stakeholders. In addition, students improve their issue knowledge and abilities by resolving business problems. Furthermore, business analysts work with team members to refine their analytical talents and learn new skills such as testing and coding. These opportunities allow business analysts to broaden their job beyond a single function and communicate with colleagues in order to provide value to their clients and raise their organizational significance.

Role of a Business Analyst in an Agile Environment

A business analyst’s perspective and method of work are guided by an Agile BA mindset. It adheres to Agile concepts, particularly the critical parts of inspecting and adapting. This requires you to prioritize producing value quickly and consistently, collaborating with others to complete tasks, iterating to continuously learn, simplifying to reduce waste, and taking into account the context in which you work. In a nutshell, it is constantly checking, reflecting on, and reacting to both present reality and business/team feedback in order to ensure the highest quality output is delivered.

In an agile context, business analysts are critical to any project or task. The position does not vanish just by adopting an agile mentality and implementing agile methodologies. ​

Business analysts are often client-facing, with the majority having direct contact with the clients they serve. While the organization may change, the BA and client engagement remain constant.

Awareness of client requirements and a deep understanding of user processes, as well as tactical understanding of systems, applications & data requirements are critical to a BA's success.