Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

No longer do we see billboards. Now, organisations must use the potential of digital marketing in order to achieve success. Marketing involves not just creating a connection between a business and its target audience, but also maintaining it. Digital marketing permits its thorough investigation and also provides the means to monitor it.

Problem Statement

Australian Islamic College was facing a downfall in admission applications as compared to other similar schools. The school was at 70% capacity at the time, and they needed a healthy digital marketing campaign that would depict AIC’s image as a modern day Islamic institution that values both Islamic and Academic Excellence.

Our Solution

We created a brand new interactive website that showed AIC as a growing institution, featuring the latest news and comprehensive details of the school. We then took over their social media activities. From increasing social media presence to monitoring page and website analytics, and focusing on search engine optimization, we adapted to what anyone searching for a good school for their children would be interested in. All this while keeping in touch with the latest marketing trends to provide a one-stop solution for AIC’s digital marketing needs.

As a result of this endeavour, AIC saw a boost in their admission applications, with the school now being at full capacity and a waiting list for the next 2 years.

Team for this Project

Tamjid Aijazi

Tamjid Aijazi

Project Lead


Sumaira Shaukat

Digital Marketing/SEO Expert


Shahmeer Patel

Social Media Manager

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