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About AIC

The college community began in 1986, has seen many positive changes over the years. The teachers and staff strive to educate children in a positive way that brings about a greater awareness of the globalized world we live in. Teachers also aim at guiding students to employ knowledge in flexible and novel ways, to develop concepts that they can transfer from school, to understanding the world around them. Most of all we aim to guide students in developing lifelong intellectual pursuits and achieving success in learning.

Problem Statement

The Problem brought forward by AIC regarding employee on-boarding was such that each new employee was handed over 15-20 sets of forms to fill out, which was followed by scanning and downloading of forms and finally manual data entry into the TASS database. This Practice was tedious, time consuming and non-productive.

Our Solution

We proposed a digitized solution through the Microsoft Power Apps platform to generate digital forms that were previously being printed and then scanned. This enabled each new employee to receive a link to the employee onboarding app, fill in all the required details of the forms and submit online. Each form would then create an entry on the TASS database. 

This solution would eliminate the use of paper, the extensive scanning and downloading as well as the manual data entry that was being practiced previously. In addition to being a sustainable solution, this solution guaranteed a major increase in terms of productivity of the whole process.

Platforms used

Microsoft PA

Microsoft PowerApps

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Automate


Microsoft SharePoint

Team for this Project

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Maria Shamim

Business Analyst

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Yasir Hussain

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