TASS Support

About The Alpha School System

Alpha School System develops and maintains the School Administration and Portal solution software package TASS.web for K-12 schools.

It offers a unified web-based platform for Financial, Student, and Payroll Administration, as well as portal solutions for instructors, students, parents, and learning management.

Problem Statement

Australian Islamic College had deployed TASS to maintain the school administration. However, it was not streamlined and had a lot of gaps that were holding them back from making most of TASS. 

How we work

The process was streamlined with the assistance of Bela Corp. to make the most of the speed and efficiency of TASS. We were able to transform both sensitive and non-sensitive data with the help of TASS, and via user adoption, we were able to reduce the amount of manual work.

Team for this Project

Tamjid Aijazi

Tamjid Aijazi

Project Lead


Waqas Ahmed


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