Memorandum of Understanding - Bela Corp and iWire

14 April 2022

DUBAI: On the 13th of April, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Bela Corp and iWire Holding Ltd. The signing took place at the iWire Group Dubai office. Saad Shah, the General Manager for Bela Corp’s MENA region was also in attendance.

Bela Corp, a part of the Aijazi Group Pty Ltd, providing Web Design, Digital Marketing, IT Consulting, and full stack software development services to enterprise customers in multiple countries such as Australia, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Pakistan.

iWire, a next generation technology and solutions provider, focusing on IoT, AI, ML and Fintech headquartered in UAE and with operations in India, Bahrain, Turkey, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia.


The two companies desire to collaborate in the following areas:

  1. IT Infrastructure Optimization, Security, Governance and Compliance Consulting
  2. Web and Mobile Development
  3. B2B and B2C Marketplace implementation
  4. Co-operation in the field of e-bikes and delivery super app
  5. Collaboration in the field of equity investments of strategic interest to both companies

The Companies agree to cooperate regarding potential collaboration in areas of joint business development, investments and strategic partnerships and shall exchange information relevant to said cooperation.

The MoU will benefit new and existing customers of Bela Corp and iWire Group in the Middle East and South Asia.