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Executive Team

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Tamjid Aijazi

President & Co-Founder

17+ years of experience as a dynamic and diversified individual with strengths in technology start-ups, media and management. Have successfully delivered several startups and multi-million dollar projects for global organizations and investors. Known for creativity and sorting out complex problems. He is a true believer in shared vision and practices the power of shared vision in the organization. He is a leader with an eye for detail and an urge to identify problems while mentoring staff to adopt a problem-solving attitude also, collective effort for implementation of corrective actions.


Raheel Zubairi

Chief Executive Officer

Having a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science, Mr. Raheel has over 15 years of working in a wide array of software industries, such as game development, web development, e-learning solutions. He also has a vast experience in establishing partnerships with enterprises and startups looking for custom software development services. Firm believer in Agile as a practice and has also served as the Agile Coach for projects during the execution phase.


Khurrum Khan

Chief Technology Officer

With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Master’s in Biometrics and Information Security. Mr. Khurrum boasts a whopping 15 years of experience working in the UK and Malaysia. He has worked as a software developer, developing in-house softwares that were a customization of a product that are bought over the shelf. He has also led several development teams over the years, from initiation of the project and making sure they are delivered on time. 


Sumaira Ishaq

Managing Director

An MBA graduate with a wealth of professional experience in different sectors, including media, education and IT . Her diverse experience has equipped her with a well-rounded skill set that enables her to thrive in different environments. Her strong work ethic, continuous learning mindset, and adaptability have contributed to her success in every role she has taken on.


Board of Directors

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Our Experts

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Sana Aijazi

Director of Project Management


Waqas Ahmed

MS Power Platform Consultant


Abdus Sami Patel

Software Engineer


Osama Khan

Full Stack Developer (MERN)

Ahsan Umer2

Ahsan Umar

Social Media Manager


Yasir Hussain

QA Engineer


Amber Jabeen

Admin Assistant


Pervaiz Khan

Office Administrator


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