Memorandum of Understanding - Bela Corp and eBusinessPal

01 July 2022

KUALA LUMPUR: A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Bela Corp and eBusinessPal. This MoU will enable Bela Corp to expand its spectrum of customers and for the first time enter into the Malaysian market. 

Both companies have agreed to work towards a merger and serve Australian and Malaysian customers through a larger, combined delivery team.

The two companies have agreed upon the below:

  1. eBusinessPal will now serve as Bela Corp Malaysia.
  2. Tamjid Aijazi will be President of Bela Corp
  3. Raheel Zubairi, CEO of eBusinessPal will now serve as CEO of Bela Corp.
  4. Khurrum Khan, Lead Technical Director of eBusinessPal will now serve as CTO of Bela Corp.

This will give opportunity to the combined business to expand its operations beyond Malaysia and Australia in the Asia Pacific region.