Preparing You For Tomorrow

Path to Employment

T-I-E Program

BelaCorp is introducing its T-I-E : Training – Internship – Employment program. This program provides an exciting opportunity for prospective employees trying to establish a career in the IT Industry. This program lasting between one and three months is offered to Undergraduates and students currently enrolled in an Undergraduate Program. 

A candidate, should he/she fulfill the eligibility criteria, will start his/her journey with us as follows:

The Training Phase will have a duration of 3 months. The Candidate is chosen based on his/her education and willingness to work in our competitive environment. 

After the completion of the Training Phase, based on the individual’s performance, the HR along with line managers will come to a decision about progressing to the Internship Phase. The Internship Phase will have a duration of 3 months following successful completion of the Training Phase.

Once the individual successfully completes the six month training + internship period, the HR along with line managers will decide whether to proceed to permanent employment or not. This assessment will be entirely based on performance, communication skills, commitment, adaptability, efficiency and effectiveness of an individual.

We Help You Grow

We follow these steps to help you show your talent, grab a job and then stay here for the challenge

Finding a Suitable Candidate

As our company is mostly based on internal recruitment, we give preference to internal referrals for internships. Internships are a great opportunity for seasoned employees to mentor those just getting started in the workforce. Our current employees can become better managers and build on their leadership skills by teaching and mentoring the interns in this program. Encouraging our team members to mentor others will build on company leadership skills as a whole and help transfer knowledge.

Interview with HR

The HR assesses the ability and willingness of an individual related to working in a competitive environment. It also assesses the amount of effort required to make an individual part of the permanent workforce. Most importantly, the HR identifies whether the individual is suitable for the current space that we have in the organization. HR considers the communication skills as well as technical skills to hire the right resource.

Choose the Candidate

From a long list of applications for our internship program, its simply not practical to interview every single candidate. Once all the special traits are identified, the HR narrow down candidates and chooses the best candidates based on the budget we have for the trainees. The selected candidates are notified of their appointment.

Evaluate the Candidate

Once we appoint the candidate, they enter into an evaluation period for 2 weeks. The evaluation period caters the following criteria.

  • Punctuality.
  • Effectiveness at work.
  • Communication skills.
  • Power of understanding processes and following them in an accurate and timely manner.

Training Letter to be Issued

The HR will issue the Training program letter for the trainees with all the terms and conditions to be followed. The letter will also notify the duration of the training program along with the dates.

Asses the Evaluation and Decision to be Taken

The line managers of every trainee will provide their feedback to further proceed with their tasks and decision to be taken to issue the internship letter.

Proceed to Internship

Once the Training period ends, the HR will decide to proceed further for 3 months as an intern. The HR will discuss the preference and also share their views on which department the intern would be suited to.

HR’s decision on Employment

After six months of evaluation, HR will be in a position to decide whether to go ahead with the employment. Based on the open positions and the requirement of different departments the HR will make the best possible decision.