Bela Print Digital Marketing

About Bela Print

Bela Print is a market-leading company in the field of print technology. We assist our clients in the establishment of print processes and the use of print products to boost their businesses for years ahead.

Problem Statement

Bela Print had recently acquired Morgan Printing and wanted to boost their sales through the ever-growing digital marketing medium. They approached us with tasks to take over their social media channels, in an attempt to attract more customers and spread the word around for people to be able to see and engage with the work they were carrying out in the printing industry.

How we work

We took over their social media presence. We adapted to what potential customers would be interested in and shaped our content accordingly, from increasing social media presence to monitoring page analytics and focusing on search engine optimization. All while staying current with marketing trends to provide a one-stop solution for Bela Print’s digital marketing needs.

Bela Print soon saw a boost in their sales as more and more small businesses started trusting Bela Print as their go-to company for their printing needs.

Team for this Project

Tamjid Aijazi

Project Lead


Sumaira Shaukat

Digital Marketing/SEO Expert

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