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Australian Islamic College

About Burraq

Burraq Pty (Ltd) is an Australian construction firm situated in Perth. They provide a variety of services, including home construction, commercial construction, maintenance, project management, demolition, and network cabling installation. The organization was formed on a principle of collaboration at all levels in order to create not simply structures but also initiatives that will stand the test of time. For example, Australian Islamic College exemplifies the philosophy in addressing the needs of both the client and the community.

Problem Statement

Burraq was established in 2020 and approached Bela Corp to have a website designed that would encapsulate the values and vision they have as a company. This would be their first website and would play as a marketing tool to attract customers.

They needed the website to capture their services in a way that would be visually and aesthetically pleasing for their customers and would also give them accurate and detailed information about all the services Burraq had to offer.

Our Solution

We built a new and modern style for the website based on Burraq’s needs, which incorporated a user-friendly interface. Avada Builder was used to create the website.

The goal was to provide as much information as possible easily accessible to everyone viewing the website.

Our team’s work was subjected to a thorough QA analysis on not only the Desktop view, but also the Mobile and Tablet view. Due to the increasing reliance on mobile phones in the modern era, this is a critical step prior to website migration.

The website was completed as per the defined schedule due to our team’s dedicated work. 

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Team for this Project

Sana Aijazi

Sana Aijazi

Project Manager

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Abdus Sami Patel

Web Developer

Azlan Ali

Azlan Ali

QA Engineer