Sydney Commercial Construction


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

About Sydney Commercial Construction

Sydney Commercial Construction is a commercial construction company that specializes in commercial building and construction. They have extensive experience in a variety of facets of commercial construction, as well as cutting-edge project and facilities management. Their staff adds a plethora of construction experience to the projects they work on for their clients. They have developed their knowledge and expertise and take great pride in providing our clients with high-quality services. They take delight in assisting, supporting, and delivering.

Problem Statement

Sydney Commercial Construction is a new company trying to come up the ranks and approached Bela Corp for our website development services in an attempt to build an online presence to promote their business. 

Our Solution

We created a user-friendly interface for Sydney Commercial’s website based on the specifications provided by the company. DIVI Builder  was used to create the website.

A primary goal of the website was to provide visitors with as much information as possible in the shortest time possible.

In addition to desktop and laptop, our QA team also examined all of our work on mobile and tablet devices. Due to modern society’s increasing reliance on mobile phones, this is a necessary step before migrating a website.

Due to the hard effort of our team, we were able to create the website on time.

Platforms used




DIVI Builder

Team for this Project

Sana Aijazi

Sana Aijazi

Project Manager

New Project (46)

Abdus Sami Patel

Web Developer

Azlan Ali

Azlan Ali

QA Engineer