Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

Complex documentation is the process of transforming highly technical concepts into concise, understandable user guides and product manuals. Technical documentation is essential for the maintainability of software and hardware since it helps folks to comprehend how a certain activity functions. Our technical writers interact with the development team throughout sprints to guarantee that the documentation is constantly up-to-date.

Problem Statement

Companies like Siemens have projects that are deployed all around the globe. They approached us with the requirement of creating training materials for any consumer that may deploy their technology. The customer provides us with the resources that may be used to formulate each training module, along with any useful resources (drawings, manuals, SOPs, etc).

Our Solution

We take the resources and create training modules as per the format provided by the Siemens. These training modules are used by our customers to lead train the trainer programs all around the globe.

Team for this Project

Tamjid Aijazi

Project Manager


Shahmeer Patel

Technical Content Writer